Our clients know that glowing, smooth, and beautiful skin is within their reach with proper skin care and professional support. We offer a range of services for all of your skin challenges. While Acne is our most popular treatment, we also provide corrective treatments including LED and skin peels for hyperpigmentation and sun damage. A skin consultation can help you decide which option will deliver the best results. Choose from one of the options below and book today!

Consultation a la carte

The consultation is the most important step in creating an effective treatment plan for your skin. We can address an array of challenges such as; acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. We conduct a skin analysis and go through your intake form to look at your current regimen, lifestyle factors, medical history, and diet, and discuss your expectations. Once we’ve ascertained all of the pertinent information, we can make an in-office treatment plan and home care product recommendations.
We are California State Board licensed Estheticians and not Physicians. When obtaining information related to your medical history and diet, we want to make sure that your concerns are within the scope of our practice and that our products and treatments are not contraindicated to any treatments you are receiving from your physician.

Age Management Facial

A consultation is not needed prior to this appointment.
This facial is several steps above the Custom Facial for aging skin. It's the ultimate integration of advanced skincare technology and results-oriented professional ingredients. Depending on your skin concerns, we use various modalities to deep cleanse, hydrate, tone, and tighten the skin. We use a Korean skin tightening treatment, enzyme, or light chemical peels to address hyperpigmentation and skin texture (optional). This facial also utilizes our medical-grade LED light therapy machine and gives immediate visible results. It’s a great treatment prior to an important event or done in a series for optimal long-term results.

Custom Facial

A consultation is not needed prior to this appointment.
This facial is customized to each individual’s skin type and concerns. First, we do a thorough double cleanse of the face and neck. Next, we analyze the skin under a 5x magnification lens to help us obtain a complete picture of the condition of your skin. We discuss what your expectations are and what treatment plan would be the most effective for your skin type. This may include an array of modalities from a light physical exfoliation to a mild enzyme peel with no downtime. We also use High Frequency to combat bacteria after any mild extractions. We finish the facial with a calming mask, hydrating serum, and sunscreen, and make the appropriate product recommendations.
Add on LED Light or O2 Oxygen Mask: $25

Lightwave LED Therapy Treatment

This safe non-invasive treatment is excellent for Rosacea sub-type 2, acne-prone skin (kills the P.acne bacteria), and aging skin by lightening sun spots, improving elasticity, thickening the epidermal layer of the skin, and reducing wrinkles. At Studio Abasi, we’ve done our homework! We invested in several high-caliber medical-grade LED machines. Our devices offer several treatment combinations to target each individual’s skin challenges.
All LED (light therapy) devices are not created equal. The effectiveness of an LED light therapy device is dependent on a number of factors. One of the most important is the energy (Joules) the device puts out and how it’s been calibrated by the manufacturer. An inexpensive device will have a much smaller number of lights compared to a medical-grade machine used in Doctor’s offices. In addition, the distance between the lights and your skin will have an impact on the unit’s effectiveness as well as a cooling system built into the panels. LED light therapy works by stimulating a positive change in your skin’s cells. As we age, mitosis (new skin cell reproduction) slows down. LED light therapy speeds up mitosis revealing newer, fresher, undamaged skin. LED Light Therapy with a mild lactic peel (No discomfort, downtime, or scarring) can be purchased as a stand-alone treatment or included in the package series:
  • LED with a Lactic peel — $135 • 30 minutes
  • LED Therapy series package — $1,300 for 12 LED Treatments done 1 to 2 times per week for the best results.