Acne FAQ

How does the program work?
The program consists of several components:


It takes approximately 90 days for the average person to become clear, a little more for some, and a little less for others. Our Acne clients come in every 2 weeks for treatments. During the treatments, we perform extractions to remove the existing Acne, which expedites the healing process. The Acne treatment appointment gives us the opportunity to assess your skin and make the appropriate modifications to your home care regimen. This step is very important. The skin responds faster with acclimated adjustments to the home care protocol. Without these adjustments, your progress will stall.

Home Care

The home care products are a critical part of the program. They prevent new Acne from forming. Acne treatments alone will not clear your acne. We choose products for you based on three important factors:

  1. Grade of Acne
  2. Skin type
  3. Skin tone
The Acne treatments are designed to work with the home care products chosen specifically for you. At the end of each treatment, you will be given instructions for any adjustments that may be needed to your home care routine.


Communication is key. Acne is complicated. Think of us as your Skin Care Coaches. We’re here to help guide you through the entire process. E-mail us whenever you have a question or concern and most importantly never give up!


Lifestyle: The final component is your commitment to becoming clear. There are certain lifestyle adjustments that you have to make. For example, certain foods exacerbate Acne such as sugar, milk, cheese, ice cream, all forms of yogurt including Greek yogurt, as well as foods that are high in Iodine.

Do your best to significantly reduce your consumption of foods that trigger more Acne. Get as much sleep as possible, drink a lot of water and try your best to reduce stress.

Our product line is very effective when used consistently in the correct manner. We do not perform acne treatments on clients who are not using Studio Abasi home care products and committed to the full program and lifestyle adjustments. We look forward to working with you!

Thank you,

Bay Area Acne Clinic at Studio Abasi